Trainees from Slovenia

International Training Course Circel of Competences has new members from Slovenia. A group of 5 educators has been selected and includes:
• Ms. Lidija Koceli, a teacher of Slovenian language and rhetoric in elementary school for adults. What also interests her in life are inner reasons for human (in-)action.
• Ms. Cvetka Mastnak Čulk, Master of Biology, teaches biology and natural science in elementary school for adults and secondary school programs for adults, such as educator of pre-school children. Her big interests are nature and herbs.
• Ms. Slađana Despotović, a professor of English, a teacher in language courses for adults. She would like to know more how to raise adults’ self-esteem regarding language knowledge.
• Ms. Petra Kačičnik Škof, a pedagogue, who works in intergenerational centre. She has some experiences in preparing portfolio that need to be upgraded,
• Ms. Darja Lužnik, an andragogist, working as a counsellor for adults and a member of project team. She is interesested in behavioral science.
And Ms. Mihaela Anclin, a member of project team that works with various group of adults in different programs. She is interested in people’s improvement in general and protection of environment (sustainability).

project team2  PROJECT TEAM

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