CIRCLE OF COMPETENCES FOR COMMUNITY WORK WITH ADULTS Erasmus+ Key Action 2 Adult education “Strategic Partnerships supporting exchange of good practice

Our project is focused on development of basic skills and key competences in adult learners, through a system of action which start from improving Educators competences and trough them reach adult learners with fewer opportunities in the 4 countries of the partnership.

20 Educators (from 4 different countries, and with different professional profiles) will be engaged in collecting and sharing good practices and tools to facilitate and recognise their learners achievements.

As a second step, the same Educators will test and apply the gained methods in their own countries with a group of 20 local learners with different difficulties in education and inclusion in society and job market (adults with migrant background, asylum seekers, unemployed adults with unstable/poor educational paths).

Furthermore, the project will use a valid tool in recognition of adult learning systems: the e-Portfolio to motivate learners and make them aware of their “learning to learn” competence in lifelong learning view. It will permit us having adults reflect on their work and think about their progress in learning.

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Main planned activities will be :

– 4 need assessment surveys at local level involving organisations educators and staff and a “test group” of adlearners from each organization;

– 4 Transnational Meetings during the project lifetime for implementation and coordination of the project;

– 1 international Training Course for Educators in order to enhance the sharing of good practices on skills development and inclusion and acquire the necessary skills to run the local workshops;

– 4 local workshops in each of the 4 countries with a group of 15 local adult learners (with fewer opportunities) so Educators can test the gained methods and tools in the different local environments and with different target groupsIMG_20180522_110334_BURST001_COVER.jpg