APECV is a Portuguese  Association of professionals working in the field of  visual art education

APECV is a Portuguese art teachers association affiliated in the International Society for Education through Art (InSEA) and of the Rede Ibero Americana de Educacion Artistica.  The association was founded in 1988  an is working in the area of visual arts education providing learning opportunities  through arts education and community  arts  projects based  raising  awareness of art education potential for education to values, citizenship, sustainable development and social cohesion.  The association promotes the development of research projects in the area of visual arts education , educational interchange practical projects and other international collaborations.The association edits E-bboks; artist catalogs; the Journal Imaginar and co-edit the international journal Invisibilidades with the polythecnic Institute of Beja, Portugal.

Organise  congresses, seminars and workshops for educators, teachers and broader audiences.  APECV also integrates  an in-service teacher training centre for continuous professional development offering courses for teachers from primary and secondary school teachers. APECV mission also integrates cultural production and in the last five years community art projects where developed by APECV with artists for social inclusion this including :artistss in residence and participative exhibitions in Quinta da Cruz with workshops for children , adults, seniors and special needs participants, as well as conducting workshops by the artists for students in schools.

APECV has established partnerships with Primary and secondary schools and universities in Portugal and Spain . Also has protocols with other professional teacher Associations; Non Profit Associations and and with the city of Viseu for art education and cultural purposes. APECV also have protocols with museums in different cities of Portugal for training purposes ( contemporary art centre in Viseu; cultural centre CULTUGEST in Lisbon; Water Museum in Lisbon; etc,)

APECV also has a protocol with the Ministry of Education of Portugal as visual arts education curriculum consultant and training centre (CFAN). The Ministry of Education ensures the salary of 2 full time teachers in the Association. The other staff of the Association, 12 professionals in art education- teachers/researchers/artists work in a volunteer basis,

APECV collaborators ( Organizations) : GAPRIC/AvisPt21   ASSOL -Oliveira de Frades  ; ASSOL -Viseu

Workshop experimenting Typography: 2nd February 2019, Oliveira de Frades
Printing , Assol Oliveira de Frades 9-02-2019
Typography, Viseu, 15-02-2019
MAP Fanzine, Assol 14-02-2019

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