ARCI Catania

Arci Catania is a social and cultural promotion organisation . The organisation is active in the social-cultural field promoting, designing, managing local, regional, national and European initiatives aiming at promoting active citizenship and democratic participation processes for all people; with a special attention to those people who have fewer social opportunities in order to promote their autonomy, emancipation, equal dignity and their social inclusion. Main activities of the organisation are connected to the coordination as umbrella organisation of the 13 local ngos belonging to Arci network in Catania and in its district. Our member organisations are mainly cultural or community centres working mainly in villages and town of the province of Catania and our role is mainly to support them in order to be more effective, sustainable and performing.
The activities of our network are related to the following areas:
Culture and arts (music, cinema, dance, visual arts, theatre, web-radio etc) with large target group of adults living in the communities where our local organisations are active.
Cultural diversity , intercultural learning and anti-discrimination (legal support, cultural mediation, language support, empowerment of minorities organisations, anti-racist campaigns, etc). Target group of those activities are mainly immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees, including adults belonging to minorities or from migrant backgrounds.
International mobility ( information desk about international mobility opportunities., youth exchanges, training activities for youth/social workers and leaders and other international projects, consultancy and capacity building of small ngos and non formal groups in the field of international youth work )
Adult Education (cultural centres management, non formal education activities address to adults, training and support of teacher in methodology connected to non formal learning,(language learning and intercultural learning activiites)
Social Antimafia (raising awareness campaign about the phenomena of mafia and for the respect of law , prevention of criminal behaviour educational campaings.
Our organisation is active in the field of international mobility since more than 15 years
We run international training activities since 2004. We’ve been coordinating several international projects in the field of intercultural learning, active citizenship, social inclusion, intercultural dialogue, culture with the support of European Social Fund and of the Eu programmes Grundtvig, Culture, Youth in Action, Europe for citizens and since 2014 Erasmus + and of several national and local initiatives and programmes.

We work mainly in the area of Catania and its district  which is a very complex reality with a lot of social issues like: high rate of unemployment, high rate of early school leavers, a strong control and influence of criminal organisations. The area of the city where we run a lot of activities is the one where a lot of immigrants work and live.

Arci Catania structure is based on a board of 9 members a council of 20 members . There is also a permanent professional staff composed by a project designer, a pedagogical coordinator, a coordinator of the network and an expert in accountability /administration. 42National Civil Service volunteers and 2 Evs volunteers support the permanent staff year after year.
We are member of Solidar, European Social Forum, Banca Etica


ARCI Local Survey Results:  arci’s local surveyarci’s local survey