ARCI Catania Reports

From January to May 2018

As all partners, we have developed a local survey know more about :

  • Educators methods, approaches and tools
  • Adult learnerd motivation to learn and concrete needs
  • LifeLongLearning traninig needs

We use the questionnaire (that is translated in Italian) to examinate educator’s learning experience and needs


here you have the results:

presentation questionair’s results italy


Later on we did a tour in our educational centres (12 different associations spread in Catania’s region) to introduce our project


On 17th May

we hosted a local event based on a focus group, to discuss the main issues related with educational needs

focus group 3

The Group of 8 young adult educators was facilitated by Ana duque and the main issues highlighted during the group reflection were:

– training possibilities and needs

– competences, knowledge and capabilities

– working methods and approaches

On May 2018

we take part on the partners meeting in France and we had the possibility to share our results with the other organizations and to fix the main structure of the International Training.


From June to September

it was time to:

  • create a call for parrticipants,
  • select 6 adult educators with the right profile and motivation to join the Tainig and
  • create the group in order to  know each other before and to imagine how to participate actively

At the same time, The trainers that would facilitate the International Training start to meet sporadically to create the program and design the agenda.

During that time, our staff was organizing the logistics of the Training: booking the hotel, getting information about the local transports, contacting local associations to book.

In October we were glad to host the International Training Course in Sicily.



From November 2018 to March 2019

After the International Training, the iItalian team of educators was so motivated that everybody felt ready to implement actions at local level.

We designed two different workshops:

  • worshop for adult volunteers – about group dynamics, non-formal education organizational models and tools, internal and external communication and media.

it consists in a 4 meetings pack (5 hours each) that took place in 4 different ARCI social centers  (Catania, Caltagirone, Ramacca and Acireale) and involved 8 participants





15th -17th March 2019

  • residential workshop for adult educators and adult learners – about conflict management, active listening and interpersonal communication

It will reach 20 participants and it will takee place in Nicolosi