APECV TEAM participation in the Training Course in Catania – Nicolosi

The Nicolosi Experience – a lifelong learning path


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Arriving at Catania. CIAO!

As you all, participants, already know, we began our learning experience at the Porto Airport, very early, on the october 9. We are the Portuguese team, representing APECV and want to thank you all for contributing to our learning experience as Trainers.

And for the ones that didn’t know, here you can see our little learning adventure – we welcome you! Open your mind, see beyond and feel free to ask anything you want. 🙂 


We began by sharing all our expectations, eager to know more about each other, listening to our motivations and expectations for this Project – the CIRCLE.

Reflexive Learning
We were able to think about our life and when we first LEARN something (it was in a formal way? a non formal one? with family? at school?)

We could see the work of two Associations (Trame di Quartiere – San Berillo and F.I.E.R.I) that work with people with fewer opportunities, in Catania. That inspired us a lot, making us think about what we, as individuals, can do to be changemakers; to arise, to make the World a better place.


Trame di Quartiere – San Berillo

Durind this Training Course we made a lot of activities and exercises concerning the lifelong learning education; the informal, non formal and informal education; the tools that we can use to do the assessment of our work with adults; techniques that can help us improve; material that we can share with our peers.




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It was truly such an experience for life! 🙂



We were 6, then 12, then 24, then we were everyone that crossed in our path during our stay at Nicolosi, Catania; our welcoming hosts in ARCI and at the Hotel (thanks for all Lucho!), and in the caffe, and restaurants and in the incredible associations (F.I.E.R.I., Trame de Quartiere)… and everywhere.

We were a lot, but still… we were One. Together. In a circle.



Landing in Catania. High expectations!