Hors Pistes

Hors Pistes is a non-profit organisation founded in 2013 and based in Marseille, France.

Hors Pistes means thinking outside the box, accepting unexpected discoveries, changing perspectives. It’s overcoming preconceived ideas, escaping one’s comfort zone, opening horizons and being surprised. It’s going through paths we didn’t suspect, paths which make us grow up and learn. It is also a wink to Pistes Solidaires, a reminder of our origins and an extension of this idea of path (in French,’Pistes’), these hidden sideroads we are willing to go on.

Take a look at our activities :

Picto_SVE_COLOR_roundedSending, hosting and coordinating EVS volunteers

What is the European Voluntary Service (EVS)?

EVS offers a mobility experience in a country other than France. It allows the volunteer to engage in missions of general interest within a non-profit organization, to discover another culture, to have another view of the world and its global challenges, to acquire useful personal and professional skills; and encouraging the building of new international partnerships and the exchange of good practices.

Semaine d’intégration SVE / Book your EVS from Association Hors Pistes on Vimeo.



Organising intercultural youth exchanges

The exchanges provide groups of young people from different countries with the opportunity to meet and get to know each other better.

The purpose of an exchange is to open an intercultural dialogue between all participants of different nationalities and cultures.

These meetings take place outside school, university or vocational training structures. The exchanges have an educational purpose and require involvement of young people at all stages of the project.

Watch the video of the exchange RurAlternative to put you in the mood exchanges!


Organising international trainings for youth workers

The intercultural trainings and seminars allow social workers, socio-cultural facilitators, students, youth leaders and voluntary associates to live a mobility experience, to meet their European counterparts, to create bridges between their local work and a European approach of the world of the youth. They become multipliers of this enriching experience and bring to their practices new visions, a new energy.

Training with Hors Pistes is equivalent to enrolling in an educational, intercultural and non-formal project.

What activities are carried out during a training?

The activities are animated by non-formal methods of education: they are interactive, participatory to allow exchange and sharing among the participants. Each course has its own theme:  intercultural animation, community art, the integration of young migrants, the human library method, video documentary as a teaching tool, human rights, the fight against discrimination …

As participants come from other countries, each course offers an intercultural experience.



Intercultural Mentoring programme

The objective of intercultural mentoring programme  is a space for exchange and mutual aid between a migrants  and  locals. It presents itself as an opportunity accessible to anyone who wishes to mobilize as an active citizen. The project seeks to promote dialogue, participation and social inclusion by creating spaces for exchange and mutual aid. Our program includes preparation, training, exchange, mutual aid and assessment.


And much more…

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