Hors Pistes Reports

Hors Pistes is mainly working in the field of international mobility, proposing opportunities abroad for volunteering, internships or intercultural exchanges. These kind of international experiences offer a great range of opportunities to learn in informal and non-formal contexts. We found relevant to apply the methodologies of recognition of competences on the specific topic of international mobility.

Hors Pistes organise collective workshops before the departure for the international experience (to prepare the adults to the skills they will develop, with a specific attention to intercultural and transversal skills) and after their return (to recognize and valorise the skills developed).

In this project, Hors Pistes developed a partnership with Mission Locale, an association promoting socio-professional integration of young adults. The association is providing individual follow-up to job seekers and they are experienced in individual counseling and coaching. In the partnership, Mission Locale is entitled to accompany a group of young adults in filling up portfolios to document their learning step by step.

Combining collective workshops and individual support have proven to be very efficient educational strategy to accompany adults to reflect and gain recognition on their competences.


Workshop on competences with a group of young adults preparing for an international experience!

6 november 2018

A group of 8 young adults, 5 preparing to go for a first intercultural exchange in England, one going for a volunteering program in Croatia for one year, another going for a 10 month volunteering project in Greece and a last young adult going for a volunteering program of 9 months in Senegal.

Program :

  • Introduction of the day, presentation of the associations and the context of the workshop (facilitated by Cassandre)


  • Time management “The time of your life” (facilitated by Aouatef)

To keep up with the active life of the world around us it is vital to understand the importance of time that we spend every day.  Each participant draw a 24hrs axis and is asked questions as to how much time do they allocate for each activity daily. The workshop is called $86,400 corresponding to the number of seconds in a day. Discussion show them how precious our time is every single day and how much can be done.

The reflection leads to considering informal moments as valuable, likewise the activities realised in informal moments build valuable competences.

  • Communication skills (facilitated by Aouatef)

Nowadays, we tend to spend much of our time to everything around us, sometimes losing the sense of here and now and, forget to spend time with each other. The aim of the ‘Tell your Story cards’ is to help you start talking about yourself. About your experience. To get to know yourself and others. And to listen. Tell your Story cards not only encourage to share your life stories and get to know yourself better, but also develop communication, presentation and argumentation skills in order to successfully apply them in everyday life.

  • The wheel of life (facilitated by Aouatef)

This activity allows participants to reflect on their priorities in life. They draw a chart (a wheel) and position categories such as work life, familiy life, health, team member, community leader, etc. The chart then shows a chart of priorities and allows participants to reflect on the notion of balance in their lives.

This activity gives participant a first experimentation of self-evaluation of their competences and attitudes.

  • Intercultural learning (facilitated by Cassandre)

Through a simulation game, participants experience phenomenon such as categorisation, stereotyping and culture choc. A time of debrief allows participants to reflect on these processes and to draw connection with real-life situations.