Hors Pistes Team

The French group includes 5 workers from 3 differents organisations:

Mission locale de Marselle: 3 professional and social integration councelors from the public service for employement of young people (16-25 year old). Mission locale is a national organisation that helps young people in their integration.

  • Silvia RIGA: advisor at since 5 years , previously international mobility advisor and language trainer
  • Souhad MASRI: advisor since 2 years, previously lawyer in Lebanon
  • Themis ZIKAS: advisor


Hors Pistes is the partner organisation in this project, aiming to promote intercultural dialogue

  • Karim Abdo volunteer at Hors Pistes for 1 year in communication and non formal education field

The five French participants of the CCCWA training are shortly described next.

Thémis Zikas. He is 28 years old, and works as an employability and training advisor for the “Mission Locale of Marseille”. His job regards individual and collective advising of people between 16 and 25 year old seeking jobs (workshops, one on one interviews…). Because he is very interested in education, in all its forms, and specialized in apprenticeship of all fields. He is also part of the international youth mobility team for which he is doing workshops on how to highlight these experiences once the participants get back.

Souhad Masri. She is a counsellor of social inclusion and professional. She helps young people who are no longer in school to choose a training or help them finding a job, guiding them in everyday life (housing, medical care..). She works in the local missions and receives interviews and workshops with young people to help them in their professional integration process.

Silvia. She is an Italian living in France and is currently working on social and professional inclusion of youngsters with fewer opportunities for mission locale, the public service for employment. She likes trying new methods and tools of inclusion and is currently working on the group of international mobility as a tool of integration.

Karim. He is a volunteer of the association coming from Egypt. He has a background in human ressources and wish to develop his skills as a trainer in non-formal education. He discovered a lot when traveling and belives in humanity.

Aouatef. She is a freelance trainer active in international workshops and interested on the topic of competences.