Suggestions for the construction of E-Portfolios

Each Trainer will maintain an E-Portfolio where he or she can insert evidence about the learning  experiences in the form of written text; maps; diagrams; photos; audios and Videos.

 Please do not forget you need the necessary authorizations to publish images.

Identification: A short Bio or CV  will be ok .

If you prefer you can instead of the  normal id photo use a collage; a drawing; audio; video or another type of  photo  . You also can use the images/sounds as metaphors to explain who you are as a person and as an educator ( educator here means someone who works with the community to help people to understand   the self;  the others and the environment where they live and also helping them  to take positive actions to improve the relationships between these 3 spheres)


  1. The first part of the E-Portfolio can be about Yourself : Who you are; where did you come from; where are you now; where do you want to go or what do you want to achieve in the future.
  2. The second part will be about your enrollment in the project; what you like about it; your  expectations ; what you can do for the project; your fears if any; zones of discomfort  and the things you think  it will be more easy

Plans: Please describe here how the project is planned in the group  and the strategies designed .What are you feelings about the plans;  how do you think it should go

Implementation :  Here you can illustrate all the phases of the project ; the workshops; the learners; the activities; the strategies and methods used to transmit knowledge and skills. How it was lived by you and how did you perceived the opinion of the others. You can include audios and videos of participants and activities  and comment them .

Continuous evaluation: In your comments be critical   always in a positive way . Show self-reflection and give us ideas to improve the project implementation.

The Results:  In the final part What were the  results?  Did they corresponded to the initial expectations ? What were the competencies you developed in this adult education experience?  What were the benefits for the other learners?

Impact : Did the project had an impact in a short term?  Can you predict an impact on a long term distance?  How do you evaluate the project? What could be improved?

Follow UP: And what next ?  Can we go further with this project, in what directions?